Being an Oma

I became an Oma on December 5th when Tobin my first grandchild was born.  It has been so much more exquisite than I ever imagined.  For his first 10 weeks I have enjoyed meditating with him in my arms.  I feel his energy sinking into mine, relaxing, us moving into other dimensions together.  It is so loving, spiritually deep, and totally consuming in a wonderful way that I can float in this dimension for large expanses of time. I am not clear what number dimension we are in.  I love just Being and experiencing the the co-mingling of our energy.  It is such a peaceful dimension that is quiet yet filled with energy and love.  I have not written in my blog for eight months but holding Tobin has totally brought me back to my exploration of dimensions.  I am so grateful for this opportunity. It’s so easy to unconditionally love him. I am so blessed that my daughter enjoys having me hold him. As with so many other dimensions, this dimensional experience is outside the realm of words so the comforting intensity of the experience is hard to express.

Appreciation and Love of Plants

This morning I have been working in my flower garden, a play activity I have enjoyed for 33 years.  For many of those years I have worked with a garden guide named Bajo. I ask him where is the best spot for a plant in my garden and then I use kinesiology or muscle testing with my fingers to check the spot.  My garden is now in the deep woods at our camp, which is very shady versus having a sunny garden for 30 years downtown.

Bajo wants to say that a plant each has it’s own vibration and that they will thrive in certain areas and not in others.  It is always important to check with plants where they want to be planted. Love your plants because they thrive with love and appreciation even more than the soil in which they are planted.  They also have preferences as to what type of plant to which they are neighbors.

I stopped at three fabulous gardens yesterday that I would highly recommend to buy plants.  They may be a drive away but will reward you with their beauty and the owners extreme love of plants.  They are Sunnyside garden in Turner owned by Edith Ellis, Shaky Barn Garden in Limerick who recommends bringing a lunch and eating in her garden, and Gingerbread Farm on Old Winthrop Rd in Wayne, which has the best prices. They are located about a 15 minute drive from each other. Their gardens are spectacular and they sell extraordinary plants.

Satisfaction and Fulfillment

I feel so much satisfaction and fulfillment in my life.  It is not something I strive for but instead it is a pervasive feeling throughout most hours of my day.  Relaxing and letting the sounds, smells, and light of nature wash over me fills my soul with satisfaction. Or when I soak in my tub, hug my dog, read a book, have coffee with wonderful friends, or work creatively with paints or fabrics my soul soars with joy.   I am blessed that life is so good.  I have the time to appreciate and notice all of the small and large joys in my life.

15th Dimension

Recently I have been sewing fabric to make wall hangings, I ask to go to the 15th dimension. Combining fabrics makes different frequencies depending on the touching fabrics which vibrate and send out varying energy.  The 15th dimension is about creativity and having fun being creative.  It is not limiting one’s creativity but allowing one’s energy to flow with no self doubt.  It is being bold while having no predestined outcomes in mind.  It is about allowing one’s soul to flow and manifest what is one’s heart’s delight at that now moment.  This dimension helps to free one of old artificial constraints and allows one to express their creativity freely.

Carol's wall hanging

8th Dimension at Joshua Tree, CA

Recently we visited Joshua Tree National Park with my nephew Ben who has been there many times. He led us off the beaten trail to an area where visitors had collected the white rocks that were part of the lucky strips, which made thin circles around many of the huge sandstone boulders. Hikers used rocks to make designs on the desert floor, such as sunflowers, a crab, a sun, and a labrynth, which had at least eight spirals. I checked if it as OK for me to walk the labrynth, then said Namaste or blessings, and started walking it slowly, with intention, as Thich Hnat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist, had taught us in a walking meditation workshop. It was 104 degrees in the desert so moving slowly was of the essence.I immediately moved into the 8th dimension.  This dimension is a quiet, peaeful, relaxed dimension where one enjoys doing nothing. Here one is reminded of the loving connection between all beings.  I connected to the boulders, the catius, and the huge blue sky.  One truly feels at one and connected with all that is in the universe in this dimension.

Moving from the 10th Dimension to the 30th Dimension

Watercolor of 30th dimension I painted

This week I went to a sound bath in Landers, CA called the Integraton. We laid down in a domed building while many crystal bowls of various sizes sang as they were rubbed much the same way that a wine glass filled with water sings when one rubs the edge.  Each different size bowl makes a deep resonate sound that vibrates throughout one’s whole body.  One large bowl was played first which immediately caused me to move to the 10th dimension.  As two bowls were played together and their deep notes resonated and harmonized together I felt myself moving into the 30th dimension where I felt instantaneously connected to all that is.  The 30th dimension has an electric energy that moves quickly from place to place.  There is a connection to all other energies in the world through the matrix web that surrounds our earth.  There is an energy grid around our earth that has points of light wherever two of the energy lines cross.  When we connect to this energy grid we are connected to the oneness of all beings, to the whole. There is a confidence of total knowing. This dimension is one that mothers often go to just before they give birth. This is a dimension that I have often gone to when I am ill since I can flow here with peace, relaxation, and joy.  In this dimension liquid love spreads through all of ones pores nurturing and nourishing the dry, beaten up parts of oneself making them plump and juicy with love.  It feels very healing: psychologically, emotionally, and physically. All dimensions that start with 3 are related to the Master Christ energy.  Christ approached life by leaning forward and letting go.  In this dimension one is filled with liquid light and love just as Christ was during his incarnation on earth.

Moving from the 10th to the 20th dimension listening to Batimbo Beats

This week I attended an immigration panel discussion, which started with Burundi drummers called Batimbo Beats.  One can experience their drumming by googling their name and watching the video.  They play huge, heavy logs. My experience is that they started in the 10th dimension initually and as they speed up their music and dance they move into the 20th dimension.  In the past 7 months 200 people from Burundi have moved to Portand ME due to the wars and killing in their country. To learn more about Burundi go to

The 10th and 20th dimensions are both influenced by All that Is since both numbers end with 0. The 10th dimension is filled with joy and a celebration of being alive.  The joy of music, smiles, and dancing. This is a dimension where many spirit guides reside. It is an easy flowing dimension where knowledge is shared.  Light and energy dance around at a tremendous speed in all directions with high energy.  There is a spacey ungrounded feeling due to all of this energy. There is no visual images here but hearing is acute.  This is a dimension that humans can go to when they are ready to die since the transition out of body is easy in this dimension. The following is a painting of the 10th dimension.

When one moves into the 20th dimension the energy speeds up and there is a feeling of ecstasy.  One feels fully alive and enjoys every second. In this dimension light and energy are all that matter.  Communication is done through thin strands of light that carry tremendous amounts of information. One can enter this dimension by dancing around a fire and then jumping into the fire feet first or by imagining walking down a set of stairs into the earth where one enters a space with glowing crystal walls.  All the information in the world is contained in these crystalline walls.  There seekers of truth can gain a deep understanding of life.  One can use transmutation and telepathy here so one can communicate with anyone, anywhere since language is not a barrier. All answers are available here through mental telepathy by being open, asking a question, and listening for the answer.  All information from the past and future are available here. It is a holy place. There is a lot of energy here so one can easily accomplish things that are hard to face. One can manifest desires here instantaneously by just focusing on what one wants to create and it is completed.  It is a healing dimension where old hurts and physical ills are combed out of ones energy field by pulsing vibrations.  A 6-pointed star is a symbol for this dimension since the trinity is reflected showing a balance between the outer and inner being. There is a grounding between spiritual, heart, and mental energy so all are balanced here.

Watercolor of 20th dimension






The 6th Dimension

The 6th dimension is a peaceful, serene, pastoral place where no words are used.  It is a good space to go to meditate. Many cloistered nuns when praying and contemplating go to this dimension.  It is a calm and restful place.  If one is stressed it is a good dimension to go to to let go of worries and to totally relax and take a deep breathe.There are no sounds.  One feels very contained since it is a safe and gentle place. Whales gliding deep in the ocean frequent this dimension. My latest watercolor painting represents the 6th dimension.

Music and time

Playing or listening to music is an entry way or doorway to most dimensions. Music can stimulate parts of your brain that makes one move into other dimensions. Music can free one to move out of their body and soar with the music, like having wings and sailing on the wind of the music. If one moves to another dimension it becomes easier to play music.

Music is outside of time.  Time is only relevant in the 3rd dimension and is something humankind created to try to bring order and control to their lives. Time is an illusion because there is always more time.  Time can flow forward , backward,  up or down, or in circles depending on where you are looking at it.  Currently time is shifting so energy  is moving.  In the future we will be able to bend time.

Sound is energy that can be used to clear ones energy, to heal, to focus, and to help transcend. Music is freeing and uplifting.  It pulls on many creative chords.  It is all encompassing.  It helps one get in touch with their feelings and their deep inner sense of self.  Music can help one transcend out of personal pain.  As it uplifts it brings one in touch with beauty, joy, and appreciation, which lifts ones soul to new heights.

My electric viola

22nd dimension

22nd dimension.rtfd     For this dimension more than most one needs to rely on the watercolor painting to convey the essence of the 22nd dimension since it is outside the realm of language.  Sitting quietly and looking at the picture will help bring one into this dimension. Allow the colors and shapes to carry you into this dimension.  Allow your body energy to float upwards into this dimension. It is liberating and expansive here.There are no boundaries and no words used here. There are no bodies here just an energy frequency. Music or sound are used to communicate here. Toning can be used.

This is a highly spiritual dimension where the master Christ is from.  It has many parts.  There is passion but it is from an intellectual point of view.  It is based on mental abilities not feelings or intuition.  It is a complicated multi-dimentional place which is difficult to describe using our linear language of the 3rd dimension.  I have added a musical component of me playing my viola which will also help you move into the 22nd dimension, just press on the blue writiing at the beginning of this paragraph, it will download then press on the triangle to make the music play.